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4 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Linda Ellis says:

    Please share updated information about cemetery preservation issues in Ohio including grant and funding possibilities.

    Share news of education opportunities for proper gravestone conservation measures, and cemetery property preservation.

    Also, promote safe methods of documentation of burials through grave marker photography and non-invasive techniques for transcription of inscriptions.

    In addition, share methods pertaining to locating buried gravestones and any other issues that can affect all cemeteries, including Ohio’s most vulnerable early pioneer cemeteries where already too much history has been lost.

    Thank you.

    • frank says:

      We certainly encourage Linda, and other folks, who have information regarding education opportunities, grant opportunities, and resource documentation/conservation, to share that with us. We’re happy to pass it along. Also, I’ll be sharing a new Preservation Brief resource in Monday’s (11/28/2016) eblast that focuses on gravestone conservation.

      • Linda Ellis says:

        Hi Frank, thank you for your kind reply of November 22.

        I am pleased to learn of the Preservation Brief resource that focuses on gravestone conservation that you mentioned. Please share a link for it, if it is available, if it can be viewed online. I am interested in learning more about it and sharing it with others.

        I am the admin. of a closed Facebook Group: “Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries”:


        The Facebook group focuses on a wide range of issues that impact Ohio’s cemeteries that are are under the “umbrella term” of cemetery preservation and gravestone conservation. The group is comprised of members at all levels and interests ranging from researchers who enjoy sharing gravestone photos with others to those who do gravestone cleaning, repairing, and re-setting work as a personal business in Ohio and other states. We have found in group discussions that sharing is learning; and the posts and comments from members help foster a greater awareness and knowledge of resources available on the topics of discussion.

        Among the links provided in the Group Files are for Guidelines and Do No Harm Best Practices from national organizations which include The Association for Gravestone Studies and the NCPTT — National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

        On the state level, the Ohio History Connection has been a ‘go to’ resource and reference for further education about cemetery preservation in Ohio. There is also focus on the Ohio Revised Codes that impact Ohio’s cemeteries; particularly the inactive/abandoned early graveyards.

        Thanking the Ohio History Connection for your ongoing work to better preserve and protect Ohio’s cemeteries.

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