Save the Places that Matter to You on #GivingTuesday


Thank you for being part of Ohio’s historic preservation and community revitalization movement. Like us, you want to save the places where your most cherished memories took place. Whether it’s in your hometown, or the place you call home now, we know how important these places are to you. On #GivingTuesday, November 29th, donate and say, “I want to save the places that matter to me and my family!”

What Your Donation Means:

Saving the Places that Matter – Heritage Ohio has worked to save hundreds of beloved historic buildings throughout Ohio. By returning these treasured buildings to use, we help your favorite small businesses succeed, as well as improve the quality of life in your community.

Building Community – All of us want strong, prosperous communities to live and work in. Heritage Ohio helps communities like yours succeed by using the unique buildings and talent that reside in your town. We provide the information and assistance needed to take the next step and make smart decisions that allow your community to thrive.

Living Better – Heritage Ohio advocates for you and your community at the local, state, and national levels. We are letting legislators and officials know what we need to make Ohio the best place to raise our families, create meaningful careers, and building a better life for all Ohioans.

How to Donate:

You can donate online now by clicking the button below:


If you would prefer to send a check, please mail your donation to:

Heritage Ohio
846 ½ East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205




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Show Me the Money: National Trust for Historic Preservation Grants

Are you in need of a grant for your historic building or property? Join Diana Maxwell, Grants Manager at the National Trust for Historic Preservation for an overview of the National Trust’s grant opportunities, including what funding is available, tips for your application, and more.









Our presenter: Diana Maxwell

A native of western New York, Diana Maxwell has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Cornell University and a master’s degree in museum studies from George Washington University. She has worked at the National Trust since 2009 and has managed the Grants program since 2013.

Heritage Ohio webinars are a benefit of membership. Members care about the places that matter in Ohio and support the revitalization and preservation efforts of Heritage Ohio, without their support: technical assistance, workshops and webinars would not be possible.

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Webinar: How Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our Cities

Autonomous cars are coming. What was once a futuristic concept, often associated with pop culture films like Minority Report, is not only possible, but is coming very soon to a roadway near you. Autonomous cars are precisely what the term “disruptive technology” describes. It is technology that will fundamentally change much of what we know about personal transportation – changing our habits, our preferences, and our opportunities, and nothing will be more impacted by these changes than our cities.


This technology is not only being rapidly developed, it is being defined by the largest and most influential corporations in the world. Much-publicized efforts by Google have already resulted in over 1 million self-driven test miles in California, with recent expansion to Texas. Subsequently, Apple Inc., numerous car manufacturers, and leading automotive technology companies have joined in the accelerating efforts to refine this technology and bring it to market. Most recently, Uber has set up its own dedicated lab to create a fleet of driverless vehicles, creating a stir in the industry by hiring over 40 top robotics researchers from a competing lab at Carnegie Mellon to jump start their process.  Manufacturers such as Tesla have already implemented “autopilot” technology in vehicles, which is seen as a significant step toward introducing consumer autonomous technology.


As city planners, we must be on the forefront of understanding this technology and how we can prepare for the potential impacts. Our research team is concerned by the general lack of acceptance and understanding that we’ve encountered among planning professionals regarding the near-certain implementation of this technology. In response, we will outline the issue in the context of the planning profession, including the following topics:


  • Disruptive Urban Technologies – a brief history
  • Technology Today – where we are now (already pretty far along, by the way!) and what the next few years are likely to hold
  • Potential Adoption Trends – who, what, and where
  • Local and Regional Impacts for Planning – case studies of potential impacts ranging from regional transportation networks to site-specific urban neighborhoods


This presentation will include modeled scenarios for potential impacts to roadway networks, neighborhood development, and site design. Specific planning tasks such as comprehensive planning and zoning code revisions will be discussed as well, as they will be instrumental in preparing for -and adapting to- this emerging technology.

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Revitalization Series Training: Economics of Aesthetics – Tiffin

Create public spaces that are inviting and conducive to social activities.  Learn what things ‘make a place great’ and ways in which architectural design can have a direct impact on improving sociability, comfort & Image, access & linkages, and uses & activities.

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Uptown Westerville Seeks Executive Director

Uptown Westerville, Inc. is hiring for an executive director. The executive director will manage all project activities and general operations of Uptown Westerville, Inc., including implementing services, programs and policies to support the retention and expansion of downtown business activities currently occurring in Uptown Westerville’s central business district.

Cover letter and resume are due November 7, 2016 to Uptown Westerville, Inc.

View the full position listing here.

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Navigating Health Care Benefits for Small Organizations Webinar

kenny-fritzKenny Fritz will help define the health care industry and what is available to small businesses and organizations. This applies to non-profits, as well as your small “main street” business owner.  What is the Health Insurance Exchange and how to use it. What options do you have as an individual?  What are other ways employers can be creative about helping single employees with health care costs?

Kenny Fritz is President/Agent for KEF Insurance LLC in Dublin, Ohio.  His company specializes in providing employee benefit & health insurance solutions for employee benefit programs in both public and private companies.  The scale of his work ranges from small start-up companies with 2 employees to established household names with over 250 employees.

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Open House: Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship and the Role of Commercial Districts & Webinar

Open House: Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship and the Role of Commercial Districts

October 21, 2016


Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade

420 Superior Ave

Cleveland, OH 44114


The National Main Street Center (NMSC), US Bank, Heritage Ohio, and the Historic Gateway District would like to invite you to an open house focusing on tips, tools, and resources to help create ecosystems of entrepreneurship downtown. NMSC and US Bank have partnered to create a suite of resources on this topic, including a webinar on October 17th (please see details below) and a tech bulletin, to be provided at the open house.


Open House Agenda

  • Refreshments
  • Welcome and Introduction—NMSC
  • Presentation: Supporting Downtowns in Creating Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship—US Bank
    • Background: Small Business Survey and US Bank’s approach with small business
    • Resources: what US Bank can offer small business to help create these ecosystems
  • Presentation: Local Resources and Entrepreneurship Resources—Local ED expert
  • Q&A


Please RSVP for the open house to the National Main Street Center at lwallace@savingplaces.org by Monday, October 17th. We hope to see you there!


Webinar: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and the Role of Commercial Districts

Monday, October 17th

2pm CT/3pm ET


Small and entrepreneurial businesses are vital to the revitalization of downtowns and neighborhood business districts. New businesses, especially those by millennials and other fresh, active minds, will bring new ideas, new innovations, new excitement, and new jobs to communities across the country. Our traditional, historic business districts provide the opportunity to shop and buy from independent, unique and locally-owned, businesses, which is at the very fabric of experiential shopping desired by consumers. Join the National Main Street Center’s Vice President Matt Wagner as he examines entrepreneurial ecosystems and the role commercial districts play in their creation, support, and expansion.


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Main Street Mount Vernon Seeks Executive Director

Main Street Mount Vernon is hiring for an executive director. The executive director will manage all project activities and general operations of Main Street Mount Vernon, including implementing services, programs and policies to support the retention and expansion of downtown business activities currently occurring in Mount Vernon’s central business district.

Application, cover letter and resume are due October 30, 2016 to Main Street Mount Vernon.

To view the complete position listing, click here.

To download the application, click here.

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Main Street Delaware Seeks Executive Director

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