Announcing the Winner of Heritage Ohio’s Preservation Month 2013 Photo Contest!

We’re pleased to announce the three finalists of our Preservation Month Photo Contest and need your help picking the winner!

To vote, click on each photo below to view it, select your favorite, and click vote.

Voting will continue through Friday, June 30. We’ll announce the winner of the 2013 Preservation Month Photo Contest on Monday, July 1.

With Ohio photographic fame and a Revitalize Ohio cover image on the line, the stakes are high! Good luck to our finalists!

Update June 28: Voting has almost closed. If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you vote for your favorite! We’ll announce the winner here on Monday!

Update July 1: Congratulations to Kirstin Krumsee, the winner of Heritage Ohio’s Preservation Month 2013 Photo Contest! The interior of the Victoria Opera House struck a nerve with our voters. Touted as the last remaining opera house in Fairfield County, the Victoria has very concerned citizens on its side, as it faces an uncertain future.


The Victoria Opera House, our winning entry

Thanks to everyone who voted for our three finalists. We’ll feature Kirstin’s winning image on a future cover of Revitalize Ohio.

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10 Responses to “Announcing the Winner of Heritage Ohio’s Preservation Month 2013 Photo Contest!”
  1. Sherry Talbert says:

    Yea Baltimore!

  2. Cristi Bartholic says:

    This great theater needs some <3

  3. Louise Smith says:

    What an honor to be selected. Let’s try to be the winner! Pass this along and vote every day.

  4. G. McCreery says:

    Waiting patiently for the first production to begin at the Oprahouse!

  5. Cindy Miller says:

    I picked the top photo of the person holding the sign in the rotunda (I suppose it was a rotunda). Why? Because, originally the rule was to have someone hold the sign in the photo. I could not print out the sign and have it to larger size too. Otherwise, I could have entered as I wanted too.

    All were wonderful photos, by-the-way, and congratulations to the three finalists.

    • JC says:

      Unfortunately Cindy, not everyone has 24/7 access to the facilities they are trying to restore, and when you tried to print or alter the picture to make it bigger it was distorted. Please take those types of issues in account when making comments.

      • Cindy Miller says:

        I won the first contest but didn’t enter this time because of the rules and yes, the artwork would be distorted…I realized that when I printed it out since the resolution did not allow for an enlargement (journeyman lithographer here).

        I hope this is kept in mind for next year’s contest should the same situation (idea) arise.

        I liked all the entries I saw posted and all were worthy of winning.

  6. Tim Seidel says:

    Voted for Number 2. I like “modern”, and I like “historic” architecture, but seeing something like this just leaves me pondering the question – “What were we thinking?”

  7. Steph McDougal says:

    Congratulations to the Victoria Opera House! I hope everybody will join McDoux Preservation in supporting their current project!

  8. Steve Williams says:

    What a magnificent structure. I regret so much not having ever even realizing it was here or where it was. Beautiful.