• In order for a DART visit to be
    successful, district stakeholders
    must be engaged. The greater the
    community participation, the more
    value the community will realize from
    the process.
  • The fee for a DART visit is $5,000


  • The team will consist of downtown
    revitalization experts from around the
    state who will tour the downtown
    and meet with community
    stakeholders to answer questions.
  • Downtown issues will be identified
    and addressed throughout the
    course of the visit.
  • Community members will gain a
    greater understanding of the basic
    tenets of downtown revitalization.
  • A plan will be created and delivered
    to the community with specific
    recommendations to address all the
    concerns and lay out a clear path
    for downtown revitalization success.
  • Includes Heritage Ohio, Downtown
    Affiliate Membership for new

For more information regarding a D.A.R.T. visit please contact:

Frances Jo Hamilton




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Downtown Assessment


A Downtown Assessment Resource Team, (D.A.R.T), Visit is for any
community in Ohio, which would like assistance in developing or
enhancing a downtown revitalization program. The community may
be in the beginning stages of a downtown revitalization program or
it may have a program that has been in existence for some time. For
the beginning program, it is designed to set priorities and provide the
consensus necessary for taking significant steps to provide solid business
management to the downtown. It will also serve to introduce the
community to the basic building blocks of a comprehensive long-term
program: operations, marketing, design, and economic vitality.

The type of assistance needed is determined during the preliminary
stages of planning the assessment. Interested communities are sent a
“Community Assessment Checklist,” which asks some basic questions
in the areas of Operations, Marketing, Design and Business Climate.
Once completed and returned, Heritage Ohio is able to assemble a
Downtown Assessment Resource Team composed of members whose
expertise closely matches the needs of the responding community. The
checklist is used as a starting point from which data is assembled and
presentations designed to most accurately address the needs of the
revitalization program.

During the D.A.R.T Visit, the local contact person or another volunteer is
responsible for recording the results of group discussion, addressing any
last minute changes or revisions, and maintaining any necessary followup
contact with Heritage Ohio.


First Visit

Day 1

11:00-1:00 Team self guided tour
1:00-2:30 Team lunch
2:30-4:00 Stakeholder guided tour
4:00-6:00 Team dinner and work time
6:00-8:00 Community presentation and

Day 2

8:00-11:00 Team meeting with core stakeholders

Second Visit
10:00-2:00 Team delivers recommendations to
strategic partners, works to develop
first year work plan

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