Sears-Adams House

Chagrin falls, Ohio

Building History

The Charles Sears-Alfred Adams House is one of the oldest and last remaining Greek Revival homes in the region with a two story colonnaded façade. It was built in 1844, the same year that Chagrin Falls was incorporated as a Village and sits on a knoll at the highest point overlooking the Village. The house is post and beam construction supported by approximately 12”x 12” hand hewn beams with a coursed ashlar foundation. This house is listed on the Ohio Historic Inventory and is also eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The Sears-Adams House is important for its association with local and national figures Charles Sears and Alfred Adams. The Sears-Adams House was originally a residence located on large acreage. In 1927, it became the administration building for the Windsor Hospital sanitarium complex constructed on the property.

Community Plan

The Village of Chagrin Falls, founded in 1833, is defined by its unique historic architecture and history. There has been overwhelming community and governmental support, as well as local media coverage to try to save and rehabilitate the Sears- Adams House. The plan to rehabilitate the Sears-Adams House is reaffirming to government officials and the community that historic preservation is a core value of the residents who recognize the importance of the distinctive historic character of the Village to the quality of life, character, economic health and pride of the community. This Top Opportunity Award would help bring publicity to the importance of historic preservation and planning, and provide needed support and technical assistance to Village leaders towards creating better protection for historic buildings.

Building Details

Sq.Ft.: 2900
Date of Construction: 1844
For Sale: Yes
National Register Historic Property: No
National Register Historic District: No
Zoning: Parks & Institutional with Residential Cluster Overlay

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Threats to Property

In August 2011, Falls Walk developers filed a request for demolition of the Sears-Adams House based on the economic feasibility of restoring the house. This permit was subsequently withdrawn and later re-filed for hearing before the Architectural Review Board on October 4, 2011. At this meeting a delay was granted and a request was made that the Mayor obtain an economic feasibility study.