The Sweetest Things About Historic Preservation- Happy Valentines Day Preservationists!

1. The long forgotten buildings. I can’t get enough of touring decrepit forgotten pits on the verge of falling down, they all have a story, a history, people who built them, people who occupied them, the joys and sorrows expressed there. Who turned the key the day it was shuttered and walked away for the last time?

2. The rehabilitated buildings. I can’t get enough of touring the restored buildings, by the people who brought them back to life, the pride, incredible artistry and ingenuity once abandoned now restored.  Places reborn for a new generation express so much hope and optimism.

3. Historic Theaters. I enjoy a lot of building types: barns, courthouses, schools, etc., but I do have a special soft spot for historic theaters.  Theaters need the drama that historic interiors provide whether for music, cinema, or theater…they transport the experience of entertainment.

4. Historic Tax Credits.  I will always support the incentives that put buildings back in circulation adding to our economy.  I want to recruit new building owners to take advantage of the 10% or 20% federal credit and the 25% Ohio credit. You can do it!

5. Architects. The professionals with the vision to see what can be, and draw the vision so the rest of us can see it too. (and my husband is an architect -so I am sweet on him)

6. The Hidden Materials. Treasures uncovered! When old wallpaper is revealed or the scars of an old stairwell, the old light fixtures found in the attic, is that discovery not just the sweetest feeling ever?

7. Heritage Tourism. I have never traveled anywhere that I wasn’t checking out the houses, popping into public and commercial buildings just to see what is inside.  I do plan my vacations around unique places to visit because they have retained integrity and inspiration.

8. Preservation Organizations. Whether local, national, or a statewide preservation organization, we are all working together so that we will have stronger cities, states and a stronger nation because we know who we are and we know our sense of place.

9. Main Street Approach. I can’t get enough of visiting our Main Street communities and meeting the volunteers and managers who give their heart and souls to their community, banding together to make their town a special place, they are so inspiring !

10. Preservation People.  I can’t get enough of meeting and collaborating with those who are community minded, selflessly trying to make the world a place worth living. The people I meet in communities or at the national conferences who immediately “get you” and your passion, because they have it too.


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One Response to “The Sweetest Things About Historic Preservation- Happy Valentines Day Preservationists!”
  1. Well said – all wonderful things we love about historic buildings!