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Whether there’s a white elephant building in your Main Street downtown that has sat vacant for 20 years, or you have a three story commercial building with new owners, or if there’s a vacant residential building downtown you think would make good office space if it was just fixed up, Heritage Ohio has a one-on-one program to assist the building owner to plan for a rehabilitation: Top  Opportunities. That’s right; our Top Opportunities program is back, and we’re focusing on downtowns in Main Street program communities across the state. Here’s your chance to nominate a neglected, white elephant building you believe deserves a second chance as one of Heritage Ohio’s 2014 Top Preservation Opportunities.

We’ve adopted a two-prong approach to help jump-start building rehabilitation: analyzing physical conditions, and financial conditions.

1) Analyzing physical conditions: we’ll assemble a team that includes architects and contractors with experience in rehabbing historic buildings to complete a basic site assessment of work that needs to be done.

2) Analyzing financial conditions: we’ll work with the owner and local Main Street program to complete a basic building proforma taking into account potential revenues and expenses. The proforma will give the building owner a better understanding of financing gaps (if any) that need to be filled in order to return the building to full occupancy and use.

We’ll schedule two separate site visits with the owner at the building to gather information. Site visits for chosen properties will be scheduled for mid-August through mid-September, with return visits scheduled for October.

Nominations from the owner, or Main Street program staff (with the owner’s permission) will be accepted. Have a conversation with the owner and see if they are willing to have the building nominated. If your community owns the building, start a grassroots campaign to get your elected officials to nominate it! Nominations are due no later than August 15. We will contact all nominees and begin scheduling initial site visits by August 22.

You can view our past Top Opportunities here.

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