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The Heritage Ohio Webinar Series is webcast live every month.
Our webinars introduce you to a wide array of preservation and revitalization topics.

2015 Heritage Ohio Webinar Series

January 7th -Historic Building Maintenance- Elizabeth Corbin Murphy
February 4th – The Mayor’s Role In Revitalization- Mayor Jeff Hall,  Newark, OH
March 11th – American in Bloom – Delilah Onofrey
April 8th – Top Ten Tourism Tips- Melinda Huntley
April  15th – CDBG Grant Programs  (Special Webinar Open to All)
May 6th -Restoring Your House Top to Bottom- Top Ten Frank Quinn
June 10th- Modern/Recent Past Architecture- Barb Powers

Watch for more Webinars to be scheduled for 2015


At Heritage Ohio, we’re excited to be offering another year of educational webinars as a benefit to Heritage Ohio members.   To participate in these monthly webinars, please become a member of Heritage Ohio today!

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