Voting now open for the Preservation Month Photo Contest!

We’re pleased to announce the three finalists of our Preservation Month Photo Contest. Congratulations to:

Sherry Kepp, and her entry “Waiting”



John Holliger, and his entry “Downtown in Bloom”



David Wilding, and his entry “Veteran’s Day Tribute”



Now that you’ve taken a peek at their photos, think about which one best captures the essence of Preservation Month, and get ready to vote here!

Voting will continue through Wednesday, May 30. We’ll announce the winner of the 2012 Preservation Month Photo Contest on Thursday, May 31, to close out Preservation Month.

With Ohio photographic fame and a Revitalize Ohio cover image on the line, the stakes are high! Good luck to our finalists!

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6 Responses to “Voting now open for the Preservation Month Photo Contest!”
  1. Cindy Snyder says:

    Veteran’s Day Tribute is amazing. If in Amherst, Ohio it’s worth investigating.

  2. Lisa Davis says:

    Very good pics, but I dont see what a Veteran’ picture has to do with preservation.

  3. Anon says:

    Why not publish all of the pictures somewhere? These three are so different from each other, it is very difficult to decide. I’m not sure any of them really say ‘preservation’ to me.

  4. frank says:

    Thanks for your comments. We received a diversity of images and subject matter this year. We’ll keep in mind your suggestions and comments for improving the contest for 2013.

  5. Sandra L. (Sue) McCoy says:

    I am located in Florida, but southern Ohio and WV are my home! My heart aches for the good, bad and all in between.

    Black and white photos grab the reality of aging and history so well!

    Kepp’s “Waiting” is my personal favorite because of its stark, worn beauty. It took me back to walking halls in buildings on which I worked with preservation groups in Wayne, Huntington and the region and “Main Street” projects in many communities across the country. Absolutely striking with so many interpretations. Viewing it actually made a tear float across my eye. Great job!

    The street view is a historical representation of countless lovely and scenic historic districts fast disappearing.

    Sandra L. (Sue) McCoy
    Daytona Beach, Florida and with my heart ‘up there!’

    • Sherry Kepp says:

      Thank you Sandra so very much I am so pleased you like it! This old beauty holds the Art Center on the first floor that I am a member of. I just fell in love with this building and had a wonderful time roaming her rooms and hallways. The very best compliment I could have is for it to have touched your heart….Thank You!