Here’s your chance to win Troy Stopover passes!

That’s right! The Gentlemen of the Road Troy Stopover is happening August 30-31, and we’re saying “Thank you!” to our Facebook friends and Heritage Ohio members. You have a chance to win two passes (camping passes also included) by entering our contest below. In the comments section below just let us know which Ohio Treasure you would save and why, and you’re entered. Anyone who has liked us on Facebook and is a current Heritage Ohio member is eligible to win! If you’re not yet a member, you can easily and quickly join online here. If you haven’t like us on Facebook yet, you can do so here.

Our contest closes one week from today, Monday, August 19, at 5pm and we’ll announce the winner Monday at 6pm. Good luck!

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13 Responses to “Here’s your chance to win Troy Stopover passes!”
  1. frank says:

    I’ll submit a sample entry:

    The Ohio Treasure I would save is White Water Shaker Village near Cincinnati because it’s an intact Shaker settlement that conveys an important chapter of Ohio’s history.

  2. Matt Wiederhold says:

    I would save an restore the amazingly forgotten Oakdale Cemetery in Jefferson, Ohio. Originally a landscaped Victorian cemetery with ornate cast iron bridges, landscaped vistas, stone walls and amenities, the cemetery is nearly completely stripped down today with only certain elements remaining from it’s original layout. The most rare, which still fascinates me, is a life-size copper sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The cemetery also contains intricate carved stone statues and grave markers. In it’s complete abandoned state, it stands preserved as an un-vandalized cemetery of the highest order.

  3. Brittany Wagner says:

    An Ohio Treasure that I would save would be the Johnston Farm in Piqua, Ohio. That place holds a lot of history and has also been a place full of memories for myself. I love the Heritage Festival that occurs there, as well as how involved they get with the schools around the area. I remember growing up and going to Johnston Farm on field trips. It was always one of my favorites. I remember frying dandelion flowers in pancake batter, riding the Canal, and visiting the Indian Museum. I loved learning about Native Americans, especially from the area I grew up in. I am part Native American myself, although I dont know what tribe I am from. When I visit Johnston Farm and the Indian Agency, I feel much closer to my heritage. I think this is a very important and historical place in Ohio, and I would save it in a heartbeat!

  4. Nicki Vogel says:

    The Ohio Treasure I would save would be the lock under the Hobart building on Main street. This treasure was left and built around by the Hobart family and sits in the center of Troy just off the bike path and would make a wonderful focal point for a heritage park .

  5. Dianna Freshour says:

    Hocking Hills State Park & Campground is a beautiful area for visiting. A very special place for families to go and spend a few days. There are cabins, and horse back riding trails, camping or just picnicking. Awesome trails to hike all year round. Lots of wildlife, deer other critters come right through the cabin areas, even during the day. Hocking Hills is a place for people of all ages to come & enjoy! A place to relax! A true Ohio Treasure that should always be around!

  6. Marty Folger says:

    think the West Side Market in Cleveland is one of our neatest treasures. I feel like I have stepped back in time every time I visit there. It is fun and interesting for all ages, and you never know what treasure you will find there!

  7. Lisa says:

    The treasure I would save is the Arcade in Dayton.

  8. Kayla Wyers says:

    I would save the community theater building in downtown Cambridge (the current home of the Cambridge Performing Arts Centre). This building, once called The Strand, has a long history in our downtown. At one time a vaudeville theater, the building still showcases some fascinating reminders of its historic architecture and use. It’s one of my favorite buildings downtown and I hope to see it thrive for years to come.

    • The Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, Ohio , built in 1919 and formerly known as the “Hippodrome” and the Colony Theatre”, is a grand asset that I would love to see restored. Revivng this gem would bring even more art and culture to this fair city.

  9. Adam Ries says:

    Just a block away from the grand Washington Street homes in Van Wert there stands a looming 2.5 story Gothic Victorian (likely French second empire) on a street of otherwise much smaller unassuming houses. Although because of lack of maintenance rather than respect of craftsmanship, it stands proud on its high foundation but very frail with its original gingerbread and abundant ornament. Obvious to the eye are the peeling and no doubt rotting remains of decorative porch columns, second floor balcony, and deep bracketed eaves. A few lonely shuttered dormers call out from the single tower and steep mansard roof, while window hoods protrude on each floor above original wooden sashes and wavy glass window panes. The structure’s former grandeur seems to reject the poorly chosen yellow asphalt shingle siding, obviously an early but grotesque insult covering the entire exterior where rows of brightly painted clapboard should be found. The carriage house is obviously on its way into the ground, leaning ever more severely as each season passes. Throughout the last several years the home and lawn have seen almost no maintenance; a steady line of tenants, however, seem to inhabit the house one after another in what must be a three tenant (or more) configuration. The latter proves the home must be livable at some level of rent, although little is known on the condition of the interior. Someone’s lifelong restoration project awaits there, yet in its state of disrepair is threatened simply by its continued existence. This treasure simply demands to be saved. It is one of a kind; there are less than a handful of homes remaining in Van Wert of this Gothic inspired style, and only perhaps one other that could compare with the amount of remaining original ornament. Perfectly situated for a single family dwelling, the home yearns for restoration and second life as a first class treasure.

  10. Jen Reed says:

    There are times when I wish I had Marty McFly’s time machine DeLorean, so that I could go back in time and “Save the Clock Tower”, so to speak. I walk down our Main Street in Painesville and talk to shop owners who have been in business at the same location for generations tell me, “Jen, this City used to have everything”. I can’t tell you how often I hear, “over there was a Toy Shop”, and “over here was the theater where we watched two movies on a Saturday for a nickel” or “we would come here with our dates and get sodas from the fountain.” All Main Street Managers know the “I remember when” stories”. They evoke such strong emotions from our residents and merchants. I didn’t know what Main Street once was. Urban Revitalization damaged so much of our small town. I do however see so much good on Main Street. Our small community has so many treasures that we are working on right now. An Ohio Treasure I would love to bring back for future generations is our Main Street in Downtown Painesville. We lost half of our Downtown Main Street to a parking lot. The entire street was demolished. I would like to bring it back-to save Main Street! It’s possible too. We don’t need the DeLorean to do it. I would happily accept one however if you wish to donate it. Main Street in the heart of our City, we work hard to maintain the integrity of these historic buildings. We treasure their history. I would like to bring the rest of our heart back by building the other half of Main Street in our City. We are a City with a future and a treasured past.

  11. frank says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. We’ll be back soon to announce the winner!

  12. frank says:

    Congratulations to Adam Ries! His entry was chosen at random as the winner of the two passes to the Gentlemen of the Road Troy Stopover. And thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter. We truly appreciate your support as Facebook fans and members of Heritage Ohio!