Farmer’s Markets Webinar

February 15th, 2017, 1 pm – 2 pm

What makes a farmers’ market successful? And what does success look like? Attracting customers and vendors is a key to managing a successful farmers’ market. Join us to learn best marketing practices for not only attracting customers but quality vendors as well. You will learn practical tips and strategies you can implement at your farmers’ market.


Webinar: Staff Favorites

January 11, 2017   1 pm - 2 pm

The five members of the Heritage Ohio staff travel throughout the state (and around the country) learning and experiencing the best practices in revitalization and preservation.


Show Me the Money: National Trust for Historic Preservation Grants

Are you in need of a grant for your historic building or property? Join Diana Maxwell, Grants Manager at the National Trust for Historic Preservation for an overview of the National Trust's grant opportunities, including what funding is available, tips for your application, and more.


Webinar: How Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our Cities

Autonomous cars are coming. What was once a futuristic concept, often associated with pop culture films like Minority Report, is not only possible, but is coming very soon to a roadway near you. Autonomous cars are precisely what the term “disruptive technology” describes. It is technology that will fundamentally change much of what we know about personal transportation – changing our habits, our preferences, and our opportunities, and nothing will be more impacted by these changes than our cities.


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