Main Street Refresh Workshop

Revitalization Series Summer Workshop
Main Street Refresh
Wooster, Ohio


Sash Mob! Windows Workshop

Thank You to our Partners

Join us May 19-21 for this awesome wood windows workshop weekend!

Heritage Ohio is partnering with Marsh Building Products, Marvin Windows and Doors, Habitat for Humanity Cincinnati, and Community Matters to teach window restoration while giving back to Lower Price Hill


Dollars and Sense of Building Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating historic buildings is do-able, you just need more information and the confidence to proceed. Heritage Ohio has been providing this workshop series for the past eight years to give each community and each building owner an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.


An Introduction to HB233 Downtown Redevelopment Districts (closed)

Heritage Ohio worked with Rep. Kirk Schuring to create Downtown Redevelopment Districts, essentially creating a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District to focus on downtowns across Ohio. Recently, the Ohio General Assembly enacted HB 233, which created two new types of tax increment financing (TIF) programs – downtown redevelopment district TIFs and innovation district TIFs. The districts will allow for many opportunities including assistance in funding downtown managers as well as investing in building rehabilitations.  These new TIF programs complement long-existing TIF programs, such as urban redevelopment TIFs and traditional TIFs. This webinar will address the key elements of the new TIF programs, describe how they can work with existing TIF programs, and provide examples.


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